Training Seminars

This is not just about suffering. It’s not just about trauma. This is about people.

Training seminars equip service providers with an understanding of whole person care and basic mental health /illness. An emphasis is placed on emotional trauma, anxiety, depression, and all forms of stress. Training also covers special populations, including women, children, older adults, homeless, prisoners, and combatants.

Lyn and her teams have trained:

Psychiatric Specialists
Primary Health Care Workers
Church Leaders
Leaders of Other Faith Groups
Traditional Healers
Social Workers
Orphanage Workers

Participants are trained in basic assessment, counseling, and referral. Over time, many of these service providers connect, forming a network to meet the needs in their communities. Participants may become lay counselors or trainers of trainers. Most participants are changed or find healing themselves as a result of the training.

The primary training resource is Lyn’s book, Understanding People, Mental Health, and Trauma. Children receive direct care through trauma healing workshops using the book Baby Finds Grace.

Training in Myanmar

We thought we knew something with our medical background, but we have learned a lot. I come from training with a lot of humility. They approached things I thought I knew in a different way…The models were marvelous. Take a holistic view. Allow the patient to enter into this with you to find the problem. I liked the dynamics that prevailed in the training. We need to learn how to collaborate the way this team did. Psychiatric Specialist in The Democratic Republic of Congo