Traveling From Afar, We Come Together

In 2008, while serving as Consultant for the Mercy Ships Mental Health Program in the war-torn country of Liberia, I joined with Kanvee Gaines Adams to bring the message of worship as healing. Kanvee shared her music on the Africa Mercy, joined me on ELWA radio counseling program, and was the primary gospel artist at the Mandingo Gospel Crusade. Since that time, Kanvee and her husband Immanuel have been dear friends of mine.

This year in my additional role as Mental Health Program Consultant for Tributaries International, I worked alongside Youth With A Mission to serve the nation of Pakistan. While providing training in mental health/illness and trauma to church leaders and leaders of non-governmental organizations, I had the privilege to work with Arif Bhatti, a prominent gospel artist. Arif translated materials for the training into Urdu, and also served as my interpreter.

Kanvee has been using her platform to fight Ebola.
Arif translated and interpreted for the recent training workshop.

While in Pakistan I realized that Kanvee and Arif could travel from afar and come together to unite not only nations and continents, but also men and women through their love of God and gift of song. Blending their voices and bending their knees, Arif and Kanvee have poured their hearts out into the songs they have put together. As the wise men traveled from afar and came together to pay tribute and give gifts to the newborn King, so everyone involved in this project does the same.

Through the experience of watching Kanvee and Arif come together, I understand that nothing of significance occurs in a vacuum. God weaves our lives together with the lives of others and intertwines our past with the present. He creates a masterpiece that confirms His existence and reveals to us that no man is an island. When people come together, whether near or far, amazing things happen that can’t happen when we are alone.

Please consider coming together with us to give a Christmas gift that changes lives by purchasing Kanvee and Arif’s song, You Star of Town Bethlehem from the Tributaries International site – for yourself or for others– or both.

All proceeds will be directed for trauma healing projects for children and for the elderly in Liberia and Pakistan who have been traumatized by Ebola and/or extreme violence. Thank you in advance for your willingness to partner with us in this project!